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Vestibular toys

Vestibular toys are designed to help train our much needed and little known about vestibular system. This strange sounding and rather unusual name for a sense is actually one of our internal senses, and it controls our sense of balance as well as our coordination. As you can imagine, not having vestibular skills really can make life difficult, but for some children and adults – poor balance and coordination is all too common.

Indeed, vestibular problems are all too common, and they can happen for a range of reasons including an ear infection to simply being drunk! There are also countless conditions that kids are born with which result in poor vestibular skills and as a result, a poor sense of balance and coordination. Luckily, vestibular toys can help! These toys are designed to help one to develop balancing skills, and they’re also a great deal of fun!

Today, vestibular toys are normally grouped in with all sorts of balance and coordination toys – research has proven that rock and roller boards, balance balls and even computer games can all help in training a poor vestibular system, and if you or your child has a poor sense of balance – these vestibular toys may very well be essential.

Luckily, these days sensory problems such as this are normally spotted early and there’s many help available in the UK for those who have sensory problems. With occupational therapy, it’s amazing at just how proficient one can become with the help of sensory / vestibular toys. While things may not be perfect, it’s amazing what we can achieve by compensating for our weak senses.

That’s why perhaps vestibular toys are so successful in not just helping those with problems, but also helping people gain a truly unnatural sense of balance! Indeed, these balance boards and the likes are being used to truly master ones vestibular senses and they’re being used by skiers, surfers, skateboarders and pretty much any sport that needs an extremely honed vestibular system.

It can take years to develop such a mastery of our senses, and that’s perhaps why these vestibular toys are so popular – because they really do create the ultimate challenge. They’re great toys for kids under supervision and they’re even more fun for adults! These toys are also commonly used in therapy and training to help people learn basic vestibular control.

Vestibular toys don’t stop at balance toys either, as there are also a number of toys aimed at honing ones sense of coordination. These toys are great for toddlers and infants and they’re popular in nursery and primary schools where they’re used to help kids master their coordination. Even computer games can help, and thankfully today – there are countless examples.

The vestibular system is a critical internal sense, just like many others and vestibular toys play a crucial role in helping one gain mastery of perhaps an underused and underdeveloped sense. Using vestibular toys, you finally can gain mastery over your senses and perhaps even more control over your life.

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Vestibular toys

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