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Tactile toys

Sensory toys are toys that are designed to engage babies and infants on a sensory level. They provide stimulation to the senses and not only are they more engaging, the great thing about sensory toys, tactile toys, and the likes are that theyíre some of the best ways to help your childís early development.

With a huge market in infant toys, many of the toys on the market for babies and infants are in fact tactile toys. These toys have interesting textures, shapes and sizes which are all designed to be more rewarding and deliver sensory immersion. These days, many tactile toys also has features such as vibrating parts and also integrated auditory parts such as bells and even built-in lights. Many of the tactile toys you see on the market as a result donít engage one sense, but multiple.

Today, these sensory toys are valuable tools in helping teach young children and assist them in developing adequate sensory responses. They serve a vital role, and thanks to the developments in technology, thereís never been a wider range available and thereís a huge range of toys that aim to engage on multiple levels. From toys that build awareness to those that try to help your child develop quicker reactions and a sense of balance, itís not just primary senses they target, but the whole range of senses.

Tactile toys represent the toys that can be touched or felt. For many children with sensory impairment, often touch is either the sense they are hypersensitive (overly sensitive) to or the one that they are hyposensitive (averse) to. As a result, tactile toys play an important part in both comforting and also acting as a therapeutic tool to try and teach infants and children about touch and feel. For children with poor sensory development, these toys combined with therapy are a vital tool in helping them to lead an ordinary life.

When it comes to problems with babiesí tactile senses, often the first thing a parent notices is that their child doesnít like to be held. This may be disturbing to the parents, but itís not due to the fact the child doesnít like you, but more because of the fact they simply donít like to be touched. These sensory impairments are often signs of other forms of disability and luckily in the UK thereís a great deal of focus being put into helping children with developmental disabilities.

Sensory toys and tactile toys provide a way for babies and infants to overcome sensory issues and theyíre great for almost any baby or infant. These toys provide a vital stepping stone and they can give your child a head start by providing them with sensory immersion and experiences from an early age.

If your child has sensory impairments, many therapists use sensory toys such as tactile toys as a therapy to slowly introduce children to senses and help them develop appropriate reactions. Over time, sensory toys have been proven to help just about anyone.

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Tactile toys

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