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Sensory skills

Sensory skills come naturally to the vast majority of the babies and toddlers, however the fact is that for a very small minority, there are a range of sensory / developmental disorders that make learning even the most basic skill a time consuming and difficult endeavour. Luckily, today there are a range of treatments and therapies that are both life changing and beneficial to just about everyone.

When we’re born, sensory development is a slow process that begins after just a few days. Indeed, it’s not so much our primary senses that we need to conduct our everyday life, but instead the sensory integrations, or the ‘links’ between them that help us balance, move, and do everything from eat to write on a piece of paper.

However, for some it can be incredibly difficult to develop vestibular and proprioceptive sensory skills. These are the skills that help us learn movement and spatial awareness, and undoubtedly they are some of the most important that we can learn. It’s something that you can be born without, or that can be lost after an illness or viral infection.

Indeed, these sensory skills help us in far more ways than you can imagine – from standing up in the dark to even talking, we use our senses not just every day, but every single minute. Up until recently, there hasn’t really been a great deal of research into sensory development and treatments, but thankfully today, there exists a great deal of knowledge on the whole range of sensory disorders.

Today, treatment for these sensory disorders typically involves trying to teach you to live without specific sensory skills, or more specifically to compensate by using your other senses. For those with a developmental disorder, often play therapy is used to try and help toddlers and youngsters to learn a specific sensory skills through immersion and various sensory toys. These treatments are hard work, but they’re also incredibly successful.

Indeed, sensory toys are proving more and more popular as people realize that they don’t only help those with sensory problems, but they’re also a great deal of fun for children and infants. These sensory toys are incredible value for money as they’re not only fun, but provide some of the most important learning that your child can do.

With more and more interest being applied to sensory training and development, it’s getting easier for people of all ages who suffer from sensory disorders. The fact is that while some sensory skills may be lost forever, with occupational therapy, sensory toys and some hard work, it’s possible to lead a healthy and even normal lifestyle.

As we learn more and more about the importance of sensory skills, we’re finding ways to cope with developmental and sensory disorders such as autism and the fact is, with today’s technology – there are now countless highly effective therapies that really can make the world of difference. With countless sensory toys on the market – just about anyone can benefit from learning or even relearning some sensory skills.

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Sensory skills

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