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Proprioception toys

90% of people most likely have never heard of proprioception, but despite that fact, it is without a doubt one of the most important senses that we have. Proprioception is an internal sense and itís something that we all rely on. This kinaesthetic sense effectively tells us where our limbs are, so that we can move them without looking. It seems like something simple enough right? But imagine not having this highly valuable skill.

It might seem hard to believe but there are people out there who failed to develop a proper sense of proprioception and while itís no big deal for us, for these adults and children, even walking in a straight line can be next to impossible! Things like walking in the dark, or even touching something without looking all become next to impossible. To help, the only way to learn proprioceptive skills is through the use of proprioception toys which aim to help people learn ways to compensate, or relearn.

Luckily, the majority of people have at least some degree of proprioception, and with the use of occupational therapy, and proprioception toys such as wobble boards, and lots of hard work, itís possible to lead a relatively normal life. Proprioceptive problems are common with those who suffer from sensory disorders as in these cases one or more senses are poorly developed.

For kids, thereís a huge range of proprioception toys out there and perhaps the most famous is the skateboard. By no means is this a therapeutic aid, but itís certainly a toy that exercises the proprioceptive senses and challenges a lot more than your kids sense of balance. Today, there are also a number of other Proprioception toys such as rocker and roller boards, which are like see saws Ė except that you stand on them!

For smaller kids, proprioception toys are perhaps not a very wise idea, but for older kids and teens, these toys are a whole lot of fun, and in fact many have to some degree a cult following as theyíre difficult to learn and nearly impossible to master. That doesnít stop kids trying however, and many of these proprioceptive toys if they can be used safely provide a great workout for your youngster.

However, while there are plenty of proprioceptive toys and even sports out there, there are also plenty of people who arenít lucky enough to have the basic skills that the majority of us are born with. Proprioception is more than just balance, and in fact itís a sense thatís not controlled by the inner ear, but by signals in muscles, joints and skin that for some reason get mixed up on their way to the cerebellum.

Therapeutic Proprioception toys play a valuable role in helping those affected develop a coping strategy and maybe even find their own level of proprioception. With Today the results of occupational therapy combined with Proprioception toys, really can surprise even the biggest doubter. If you, your child or a friend suffers from poor proprioception, then more likely than not, all thatís needed is time, hard work and plenty of training.

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Proprioception toys

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