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Occupational therapy sensory toys

When it comes to treating those with sensory disorders in children, often the best form of treatment is in the form of occupational therapy sensory toys, which are training aids that effectively let your child learn sensory integration and skills through play. Itís been proven highly effective and it works for all sorts of disorders, from ADD through to apraxia and even autism related problems.

Occupational therapy sensory toys are highly effective because of the fact many of them donít even look like clinical tools! They come in bright shapes, colours and of all sizes. Indeed, many of these occupational therapy sensory toys are actually just standard toys! From trampolines to wobble boards and from tactile teddy bears to funky crawling mats, these sensory toys are actually a great deal of fun that most importantly Ė almost any kid will enjoy.

Used in the hands of an occupational therapist however, these toys are carefully used in a prescribed and controlled fashion that helps babyís toddlers and children experience sensations they arenít comfortable with but that they need to learn. This could be anything from stimulating touch in a baby that doesnít like to be touched, to using visual sensory toys in order to help an autistic child to balance.

Indeed, many of these occupational therapy sensory toys teach things such as vestibular (movement) skills and proprioception(balance) which is the skill of being to locate and use oneís body. It sounds strange as these skills are second nature to us, but for the small minority of kids that suffer a developmental / sensory disorder, the only way in which they can master these and also things like balance and coordination is through using occupational therapy sensory toys with the help of a trained therapist.

Luckily, today weíve never been more switched on about sensory development and thatís exactly why these toys exist. Parents, doctors and even toy manufacturers know that in the early years, sensory stimulation is a vital way to not only ensure a child develops normally, but also in making toys that are attractive to kids of all ages. Children are after all, attracted to things that stimulate their senses.

From autism spectrum disorders to sensory integration problems, occupational therapy sensory toys can be used to treat just about everything. Theyíre being used in primaries and even nursery schools throughout the UK and many of these occupational therapy sensory toys are actually great purchases as a parent. Your child will not only love them, but youíll be providing them with a shortcut that may very well help them to succeed.

Today, occupational therapy toys are used in all sorts of settings, and they have proven their value many times over in helping both children that need them to develop, and also in giving healthy kids they need some stimulating and exciting toys. These products may be a bit more expensive and harder to find than Ďregularí toys, but itís a valuable investment and one that really does prove youíre in touch with your child.

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Occupational therapy sensory toys

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