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Multi sensory toys

Sensory toys are a relatively new innovation in the field of toy design and even today, not many people realize the advantages of sensory toys over more traditional variants. Luckily however, the majority of toys designed for babies and infants are today designed around sensory principles and many are in fact multi sensory toys which give children the chance to enjoy a degree of sensory exploration and immersion.

The developments in multi sensory toys have led to a number of medical breakthroughs regarding treating various conditions such as autism, ADD and even learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Researchers have found that multi sensory toys give children who have problems with one sense, the chance to experience it using another. For example, if a child suffers from a poor sense of awareness, there are clocks out there which give both visual countdowns in the form of colour as well as audio alerts in the form of noises that sound increasingly urgent.

With many multi sensory toys out there, people are also finding that itís a great way for children to learn and while traditional learning was always focused on a few senses, today learning is much more fluid and dynamic, embracing visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles. The use of multi sensory toys are common place in nurseries, primary schools and even in many homes where smart parents are embracing this new and exciting technology.

It has to be said however, that babies have been finding their own sensory toys for generations. You probably have our favourite blanket or soother Ė that was your first sensory toy. Today however, toy manufacturers, and experts in childrenís development know that sensory toys ensure that a child develops appropriate sensory responses and leads a normal and healthy life.

But sadly, thatís not possible for every child and there are those that suffer from a variety of sensory impairments, and it used to be that children like this were branded with labels. Today however, there are a wide range of dynamic therapies on offer that aim to help those affected by helping them explore unfamiliar and uncomfortable senses using a wide range of toys such as multi sensory toys and even more.

Thankfully, developmental conditions such as autism are today being picked up earlier and earlier and as a result, therapy and treatment can also start earlier. Because of this, thereís never been a better chance that a child can lead a normal life today, thanks to the development in sensory research with not just multi sensory toys, but decades of research on sensory developments and interaction.

From babies to school children, multi sensory toys are being used as every day play toys, to learning aids and even more. Playing with multi sensory toys gives children more challenges and as a result some might argue, makes them even smarter. Whether or not thatís true is another story, but one thing we do know Ė sensory toys are certainly educational, enjoyable and a great deal of fun.

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Multi sensory toys

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