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Sensory Toys

Toys are things that children and babies play with, they come in all shapes and sizes and there are many different types. Today, it’s a well-known fact that babies and infants find a great deal more enjoyment with sensory toys which are essentially toys which are designed specifically to use one or more senses and these toys can be a great tool in helping your child develop his or her senses.

Sensory toys are designed to help children and infants explore their senses. Whether visual, tactile, taste or smell based they give children the chance to explore their senses in their own, safe environment. Sensory toys are also more than just toys; they’re an invaluable diagnostic tool used by doctors to check for various conditions such as autism and the likes.

Taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing are our main senses, as babies we discover the world through our senses and many who have sensory weakness coincidentally have developmental problems – as a result, today there’s a great emphasis placed on catching sensory defects early so that children can lead as normal a life as possible.

You may not realize it but today, many babies’ toys are actually sensory toys. Different textures, shapes and colours are all examples of features of toy design which are focused on the senses and it’s a well-known fact that a child’s early years are dictated primarily by their senses, in conditions such as autism – hypersensitivity or the converse – hyposensitivity is a major symptom in diagnosing the condition and as a result, sensory toys are often used to discover any sensory weaknesses your child may have.

Sensory toys go as far as computer games and even toys that are designed to help your child to learn to balance! Indeed, these toys are designed for young children of all ages, all the way up to when they start nursery / primary school and should have well developed senses. Often, we’ll carry many of these early toys with us into adolescence and beyond – remember your favourite teddy bear from when you were a child? That was one of your sensory toys.

For children who suffer from a condition resulting in sensory weakness or impairment, these toys are used as a form of therapy. Whether it’s poor coordination or a lack of balance, therapists use sensory toys as a training aid to try and make a child’s life easier. The earlier that sensory problems are noticed, the easier it is for professionals to start early and ensure that your child has the best sensory development possible.

There is a huge market for sensory toys and whether it’s specialist toys for autistic children, or basic sensory toys for babies, there’s a great deal of choice available. From toys with a small and taste, to visual toys that emit all sorts of light, they are perhaps the most important tool in helping your child develop good senses. From play mobiles to play mats, they all play a vital role in helping you ensure he or she leads as normal a life as possible.

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Sensory toys

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